Design projects of exhibition stands

The company “Grafica Group" is engaged in creation of design projects of exhibition stands, focused on various dimensions, styles, and business profiles. Potential customers of exhibition stands can meet samples of the products made by us. Everyone is welcome to consider in detail design projectsthat are already done for other companies. There are already functioning exhibition stands.

Control and the result of the design project

Design projects accompany the whole entire work cycle – from thinking through the conceptual solution to turn the idea into a design project of exhibition stand, show-rooms and the final erection of the building. The entire period of the exhibition stand is accompanied by a deep, continuous supervision. Support all phases of the creators of the project gives the result and guarantee quality and timely completion of construction of the exhibition stand.

Accurate time — excellent design

Our company provides its clients an individual approach to work based on the intricacies of the advertised business. Our design is unique and different, focused on the latest trends and modern new materials. We do not break commitments. All clients receive a ready design project and its spectacular exhibition stand on time, without the slightest hitch.