Exhibition stands — «Grafica Group»

Successful presentation and a good acquaintance of potential consumers with the goods and services businesses are largely dependent on the design quality of the exhibition stand. «The Grafica Group» in this respect does the work to create a modern exhibition stands for companies of different types and directions of activity of "under key".

Full cycle events and the author's control

When working on a project of exhibition stand «the Grafica Group», performs all work, from idea to production (implementation). Each stage of the design and construction of the exhibition stand is accompanied by the author's control that ensures successful and timely execution exactly with the existing documents. The customer receives the finished construction with guaranteed deadlines and in perfect quality.

Portfolio of exhibition stands

Refer to the "Grafica Group", and your exhibition stand will be the best means of promoting services and products! Accordingly, it will bring great profit and popularity of your company.

Advanced design and high quality materials

The company's designers develop the concept of the exhibition stand in Moscow and in Russia from scratch, that is, for each customer create a personal design project, anything else different project. It is the uniqueness of our workmanship makes it attractive in the eyes of the customer. Each of our exhibition stand brings major benefits to  the company, it is ordered, as it attracts the attention of potential buyers of goods or services offered by the firm. We use classical materials and proven technology, and modern applying the latest scientific developments and achievements of the industry. They give the exhibition stand an unusual appearance, without compromising its comfort and functionality for both staff and visitors.