Construction of exhibition stands

In the construction of exhibition stands, competition is forcing manufacturers to strongly promote their products and intellectual achievements provided a high level of competition. This is best done on specialized exhibitions, and they need quality materials for building the exhibition stands.

Flooring for exhibition stand

  • Carpet

    Carpet exhibition stands
  • Artificial grass

    Artificial grass
  • Laminate

    Exhibition stand laminate
  • Glossy/Colored chipboard

    Exhibition stands of Glossy/Colored chipboard
  • Triplex (glass floor)

    Triplex (glass floor)

Materials for construction of exhibition stands depend on the desires and needs of the customer. We, in turn, use modern materials and advanced technologies.

Control the construction of the exhibition stand starts with the receipt of order to delivery of the finished object, that is, we work "turnkey". We guarantee our customers the unique look of the exhibition stand, high quality design and work, as well as the use of both classical and familiar the most modern and innovative materials.

Why to order from us is profitable and convenient

The construction of exhibition stands requires extensive knowledge in the field of design and in the field of psychology of consumption. Our task is to complete the construction of the exhibition stand so that the resulting image was impressive and memorable; therefore the stand was functional and comfortable for staff and visitors.