Exhibition stands in Moscow and in Russia

Participation in exhibitions, fairs, festivals and presentations allows any company to develop their business, expanding its horizons and seeking new customers or business partners. That such action has a maximum effect; each participant needs to create a bright and attractive stand, which will help in the most favorable way to provide the service or products of the company.Exhibition stand

Exhibition stand from the "Schedule Groups" distinguished talented solutions and incredible designer finds. Each of these stands allows you to realize all customer requirements, combining them individually with bright ideas and bold structural compositions. Our company carries out the construction of exhibition stands of any complexity.

We can implement small design, which attracts by its graceful and stylish design solutions, and create major projects from a diverse array of detail and bold elements. We work with small firms and major industrial giants, allowing each customer to improve its image and effectively present their products or services at exhibitions, fairs and conferences of any level.

Exhibition displays allow customers to become bright accents in any event. Amazing a harmonious composition elegantly combines bright and talented art ideas and also precise, balanced design solutions. Theexhibition stand will definitely be a worthy representation of the client company, helping to successfully solve various tasks. We work with a variety of materials and finishes, helping customers to realize the different shapes, textures, colors and design the necessary concepts and bright ideas.Exhibition stands in Moscow

Manufacture of exclusive exhibition stands "Grafica Group" attracted not only a spectacular design but also a range of modern appliances, and innovative technical elements. These stands can be used with the newest multimedia and multifunctional lighting systems that give the opportunity to solve a wide range of tasks to attract potential visitors.

Cooperation with professional and creative teams, as "Grafica Group" allows any customer to maximize efficiency to present their goods or services on the forums at any level.