Clothing for staff at exhibitions

In the processproduction of manufacturing a solid image of the exhibition, small things do not exist! Even the most, at first glance, insignificant details should be taken into account. It is impossible to create a truly beautiful, informative and modern exhibition stand, failing to realize the clothes of the staff. This is an extremely important element in creating the company's image, so it should be given a lot of attention.

A unified concept

The designers of the "Grafica Group" involved in the creation of integral image of the exhibition stand, therefore study all its components, including the unique clothing for the staff, that will be on the show. All components of the exhibition stand thought out thus to create the impression of a single, dynamic and sustainably-built facility.

The elements of style

In order not to create too much diversity and discord, all the clothes of the staff should be unified. In essence, it will be a brand new uniform created for specific companies and specific events. In order to highlight the affiliation to a specific firm, this uniform should have the following distinctive features:

  • The colors of the company — they often allow to distinguish grades of staff. For example, management of an exhibition stand can have all the clothes or any item in a different color. It makes easier and simplifies communication with the staff.
  • Brand logo — is most often a logo or company name printed on the clothes.
  • Special items — These include branded caps, hats, icons, and other elements, emphasizing the belonging to a certain company.

Uniformity of design

When developing the uniform staff "Grafica Groups" take into account the important fact that all the style elements of the exhibition stand must be in complete harmony with each other. The aim of this work is to create a single image, memorable and dramatic, but not overwrought.