Floral design of exhibition stands

In creating the design of exhibition stands, there are no minor details. Everything must be thought out in advance and stay in their seats. This also applies to the elements of decoration flowers. Plants give the exhibition stand a less formal office look; make it more attractive, elegant and spectacular.

The kinds of flower design

Floral design of exhibition stands

For decorating floral design — exhibition stand, you can use various floral elements. Flowers and plants can be live or artificial. You can decorate the stand the only branch of a blossoming Orchid, and she will breathe life into stylistically strict "clerical" appearance of the exhibition stand simply avant-garde. Lush bouquet or a large plant in the tub would be appropriate at the stand, where the products, appropriate in style and appearance to the plants, for example, utensils for country trips and picnics, sports wear and so on.

A variety of styles and shapes

The staff of the «Grafica Group» creates a solid image of the finished object, respectively; the flower design is included in the total style on the stage of development of the concept of the exhibition stand. It can be paintings and panels of artificial and natural flowers, petals and leaves and also flower arrangements, potted plants and decorative plant materials.

The specifics of floral design

If the design of the exhibition standuses live plants, you must consider the need for care and the specific requirements of each specific flower. Location of plants is performed by employees of the "Grafica Group" so that they do not interfere with visitors, getting enough light, they can be easily watered, and the water could not cause damage to the stand equipment.