Lighting exhibition stands

Lighting exhibition stands is the visual perception of the object. The basis for the promotion of goods. If booth is not well lit, its details will be invisible, and the object will not be interesting to others. At the same time too bright piercing light will push away visitors, because it negatively affects the organs of vision. The goal of the design team of the company Schedule of Groups is to select, place and install the lighting elements so that the exhibition stand was clearly visible, and the light was sufficient and pleasant. At the same time, lighting solutions need to beat certain elements of the exhibition stand.Lighting exhibition stands

Types of lighting

For the convenience of exhibition stand our employees correctly matched all the lighting elements. You will need a General light. It must be a broken backlight, quite soft, but well-allocating all objects of the stand.

Local illumination is intended to highlight the individual elements of the exhibition stand. It allows you to concentrate visitors ' attention on those parts and elements of the exhibition that you want to select. Most often it is a separate rack with the goods, sign stand, promotional offers.

Special effects

To create a festive, cheerful atmosphere are the special techniques for working with light — special effects. Our workers will perform the installation of colored lights rotating and fixed floodlights spot lighting. All these effects of light design will create a special feeling festive, happy and cheerful atmosphere on the exhibition stand created by "Graphics Group".

Technical features

During project development, the technical features of the lighting takes into account not only the type of fixtures and their location on the stand, but their total capacity and the capacity of local transactions, the location of the switches, the need for power outlets and other important details. Our staffs are carefully counting all the necessary data and make the necessary documentation.