Multimedia exhibition stand | «Grafica Group»

As a rule, none of the current event, can not be done without the use of multimedia. The exhibition stand is not fitted with a variety of screens and electronic devices that will look too simple and unattractive for visitors. In the promotion of goods all the senses of the visitor must be involved, therefore, to rely only on visual perception would be wrong and clearly insufficient in the modern conditions of high competition.

Multimedia exhibition stand

Types of Multimedia

In order to successfully sell your products, every exhibition stand should attract the attention of the largest possible number of visitors, because each of them is a potential buyer. For this, you need to influence the perception of the person from all sides. First of all, visual images. They can be static, when on the media screen pop up one after another pictures or images of different products, or movable, when viewers are shown commercials about the company and products.

It is important to attract maximum attention in the production of the exhibition stand, so you need to use and audio effects. This is most often used music and advertising texts. Their goal is to hold the attention of visitors, making the visit to the exhibition stand design is interesting and informative.

The technique used

"The Grafica Group" pick up and set on the stand, the following types of multimedia equipment:

  • Projectors;
  • Panels;
  • Acoustic devices;
  • Exclusive tracks.

Our advantages

Designers of "Grafica Group" develop a comprehensive concept of the exhibition stand, including multimedia elements at the stage of thinking through the project. Through this approach, the finished exhibition stand has the perfect shape and well designed composition, but all the multimedia components are the most advantageous for their accommodation.