Printing exhibition stand

Almost no one of the exhibitions is impossible to imagine without different kinds of printing products, because the purpose of this event is quick and efficient promotion of products and goods from the manufacturer or supplier. Without the elements of printing, success can not be achieved because it is the main carrier and the distributor of advertising.

Types of printing products

"Grafica Group" to develop and deliver exhibition stands "turnkey", fully equipped with a variety of elements of promotion of the mass of commodities, including various printed materials. We offer the following types of printing:

Printing exhibition stand

  • Business cards
  • Flyers and leaflets
  • Booklets.
  • Posters
  • The product catalogs
  • Other types of printed products

Features of exhibition printing

Providing exhibition stands from "Grafica Group" printing, our designers try to create all kinds of items in a single stylistic key in the production of the exhibition stand. This means that all elements of the exhibition complex must be unified design solution, but not to be the same, monotonous and boring.

A very important element of the exhibition printing is business cards. They serve as the main method of dissemination of information about the manufacturer is its products as it is easily passed from hand to hand. The more you will be able to hand out business cards, the more people will get valuable information.

Print quality and modern design

"Grafica Group" performs a full cycle of works, accordingly, all kinds of printing products, which will be presented at the exhibition stand, from beginning to end, invented, developed and embodied in the material by employees of our company. This ensures not just architectural design, but also the high quality of its realization, and the common style of the whole stand in general.