Souvenirs and promotional tools for visitors

The company "Grafica Group" creates a fully furnished exhibition stands, doing this work from idea and development of the design project to the final stages of finishing.Souvenirs and promotional tools for visitors Souvenirs and promotional tools for visitors to create the object is fully "fulfilled" its purpose, there is not even the smallest detail, then it is important everything. To make the exhibition stand well remembered, and information about goods and their producer received the maximum number of people, used special corporate gifts and promotional tools for visitors.

Souvenirs as a way of promoting products

Love gifts enclosed in human nature. Based on this, the design group of our company develops for each project of the exhibition stand special Souvenirs with symbols and details of the company promoting their products at the exhibition. Small gifts for the visitors will help to disseminate information and reinforce it in memory.


To place information about the manufacturer or the supplier can not only souvenirs, but also on other improvised means, for example, on the packaging. This can be a plastic bag with company logo and contacts of the company, a packing box in the colors of the company with its logo and special paper and tape for packaging. All of these items combine two functions — they are practical and at the same time part of an advertising campaign.

Style and design

The advantage of the "Grafica Group" is a comprehensive intercalated stand that gives you the opportunity to design, designed in the same style, from the appearance of the exhibition stand to the smallest items, down to the packaging and Souvenirs. This creates a whole image and promotes good memory and awareness of the company in her signature color and style. This approach is optimally correct publicity and increases the number of sales, growth, profits and success of the company.